Maybe you were raised by a single mom, and you didn’t really understand how hard she was trying – until you had children of your own. Maybe your Grandparents stepped up to the plate and took on responsibilities that you can now see were quite Heroic. Maybe you lived near someone with dis-abilities, but what you see now is that they showed you their Ability.  Maybe, just maybe – the message last Sunday reached a new
somewhere inside you.

Why would You OUTREACH?

Have your eyes have been opened through an inspirational moment, a transformational event? Do you look around and can see that, even on a “bad day” you’ve got it pretty good? Can’t you see that it doesn’t take days or a week of your time to make a small difference in a moment?  You can now see that a small “outreach”, actually reaches much further into someone’s life than You would have ever suspected.

What SERVICES can You do?

Can you smile? In a moment, a smile can change someone’s day. Can you “see” that there is a “little something” that could be done for “that person”?  Just having the eyes to see another persons need, is the first step. Can you take a moment to share that need with someone who is willing to reach-out and help? Maybe you could even take 30 minutes or
an hour, if everything to do the reaching out is provided.